UR Tech

System.out.println(“Coding on paper.”);

I enjoy the occasional coding problem, as the differently-colored special words scratch a certain itch deep, deep down in my monkey brain.

I am braver than any U.S. Marine for reading the Humor Editor email archives

The Humor inbox is like the ocean — if you go really deep, farther than sunlight and the reach of God, you find truly alien creatures. Take a dive with me!

Find love in the time of corona with these quarantine date ideas!

Get to really know that person you’re sending snapchats of your ceiling to! Watch the movie critics are calling "Fight Club for White Women!"

How to telepathically kill someone who doesn’t know how to mute their zoom microphone

If they had only turned off their mic, things would be different — but the idiocy is unforgivable. They must be the sacrificial lamb.

An open letter to the girl we saw pick her nose on Zoom

Thanks to Zoom we are, despite our physical distance, now closer to our peers than ever before. And it turns out being close to our peers fucking sucks.

Zoom class derailed by UR student’s dog

At first, aside from the occasional student from a different university using the wrong Zoom link, everything was normal. Then the dog entered the picture.

Ever Better CDCS

No amount of rearranging your labs and workshops will ever make Orgo go away, you poor suckers. Dump those "required" courses and take these ones instead!

Better CDCS voted ‘Sexiest Browser Extension Alive’

Better CDCS was viewed as a major underdog going into this year’s competition, which in years past has been dominated by Adblock and Google Translate.

UR Tech: How to insert a USB drive sensually, carnally, and right-side up

First you should make sure the rigid little guy you’ve got in your hand is, in fact, a USB. Could it be a shiny Lego, or a penis?