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The actors’ world of false advertising

An actor’s job is, well, to act. What is the issue with presenting themselves as someone they are not if they are successfully performing a role?

You can’t go back in the closet

Throughout show-Heartstopper’s skyrocketing popularity, Connor evaded questions about his sexuality. So, how did we end up here?

Ask Riley: Coming Out

In any case, the most important thing is to understand and process what being bisexual means to you. Not everyone who is bisexual experiences it the same way: human sexuality is fascinating.

UR Tech: How to insert a USB drive sensually, carnally, and right-side up

First you should make sure the rigid little guy you’ve got in your hand is, in fact, a USB. Could it be a shiny Lego, or a penis?

‘Gender-neutral’ doesn’t mean ‘gay’

Some people have questioned my gender identity and sexual orientation because of the way I dress. I wear quite a…