albums of the week

The Last Dinner Party: old-school revivalism done right

The Last Dinner Party is an English rock band that has quickly ascended from obscurity to relative fame. After releasing…

“She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She” by Chelsea Wolfe: gloomy atmospherics and gothic shadows – but not too inaccessible

Chelsea Wolfe is a name I was familiar with before listening to her newest album, “She Reaches Out To She…

underscores: a warm welcome to the world of “Wallsocket”

Wallsocket’s locals find themselves dissecting the dauntingly resonant transition to adulthood in song after song.

“The End” and Cody Fry’s love for orchestral pop

“The End” is an amazing album that wonderfully showcases Cody Fry's talents and his love for french horns. 

Sex, drugs, and Hollywood love with Slayyyter’s “STARFUCKER”

With new style, new money, and new tits, “STARFUCKER” marks the dawning of an age for Slayyyter.

100 gecs are not comedians, they’re artists

"Anthony Kiedis sucking on my penis."

‘Viva Las Vengeance’: Forgettable but fun

The album’s songs feel forgettable, but could become more impactful once Urie takes the album on tour. 

Orville Peck subverts country music conventions with “Bronco”

In this new “bro-country” movement, subversion is completely lost, which is why someone like Orville Peck, with the first two chapters of his latest album “Bronco,” is so important for this era of country music. 

Grace Conheady’s “Hello, Goodbye, and In Between” is an elegy for those in limbo

While you can just sit and let the instrumentals envelop you in a hazy fog of sound and be perfectly content with the album, focusing on the lyrics adds extra depth that is perfect background fodder for a good cry.

Culture’s albums of the week 4/27

This week’s local artist is the legendary drummer Steve Gadd!