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CT Crossword: Finish it in less than a minute or you’re a dunce

Put the right words in the little boxes quickly and correctly or we will print out a glossy jpeg of your face and write "total fool" on your forehead.

Princeton Professor, CNN Analyst Zelizer discusses Trump, bipartisanship

Julian Zelizer, a history professor and CNN political analyst, emphasized the Trump presidency not as a cause, but a product of the deep partisan polarization of American politics today.

This Quiz Will Reveal What Percent Rochester VSCO Girl You Are

When your Nike Air Force One crosses the barrier from first-year quad to frat quad, does MERT take your ass out? Then you may be a VSCO girl!

Mangelsdorf inaugurated in historic ceremony

“This was a beautiful traditional ceremony,” alumni Bill Robinson ‘72 said. “The intrinsic joy to something like this is that there is always the prospect under another leader of continuing to move forward⁠. ”

Women can fail too: Screw Up Nights VI

From letting an infant tumble into a toilet to throwing away a new roommate’s toiletries, students and faculty embraced their…

Hong Kong and Chinese students’ associations explore Hong Kong crisis

The Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) and Chinese Students’ Association (CSA) provided an environment for opposing perspectives this past Friday,…