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You should be worried about local election denialism

If this week’s midterm elections solidified anything, it’s the fact that Republican election denialism is now just another strategic tool that’s here to stay.

Pistachios becoming “disturbingly normalized,” warn centrists

“Finally, just in time for the midterms, they have something to unite them: disdain for the pistachio.”

CPE holds voter registration drives to boost turnout

With midterm elections rapidly approaching, students in the Center for Political Engagement are working to increase student engagement with the voting process.

The war on abortion

Answer honestly — would you dare look into their eyes and tell them they are killing a baby, that they are wrong for putting themselves first?

How far off is “Don’t Look Up” from real life?

The film also resonates as an allegory for the pandemic response by our distracted, capitalist country.

Mayor-Elect Malik Evans on the importance of local politics and community engagement in Rochester

Rochester’s got a new mayor in town, and he wants UR students to vote local.  Almost Mayor-Elect and UR alum…

A two way street: UR’s adherence to and influence on public policy

Because the University is such a large institution, it is directly affected by many aspects of government policy — but it also wields a lot of influence on those policies. 

A look into UR’s unofficial PAC

All of the PAC’s donors since 2016 were either members of the Board of Trustees or University employees. The names are familiar: Danny Wegman, Edmund Hajim, Wayne LeChase, etc. Nearly all of the donations are at least $1,000 at a time.

Luckily for us, human nature is conservative

The best course of action is neither to shy away from progress nor to pursue it recklessly.

UR alum and mayoral candidate Malik Evans encourages UR students to make a difference through politics

For months, protestors have been calling for Mayor Lovely Warren to be replaced, and Rochester City Council Member and UR alum Malik Evans ’02 is her main competitor. Although Evans reveals he too is "turned off by politics," he encourages UR students still consider how they can make a difference through political participation.