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iZone’s new escape room, “Cabin Fever: Snowed In,” keeps the library cool

"Internally, iZone’s always been thinking about these concepts — pitching, ideating — and now we get to make it fun.”

Women can fail too: Screw Up Nights VI

From letting an infant tumble into a toilet to throwing away a new roommate’s toiletries, students and faculty embraced their…

Screw up nights goes presidential

Screw Up Nights show everybody’s human, and at the fifth installment last Wednesday, so was the president.

Santa Claus lambaste among absurd pitches at iZone’s ‘Business Karaoke’

At “Business Karaoke,” 10 people volunteered to present slideshows they had never seen before. The event, held Friday in the…

iZone off to a promising start

The space feels like it has a reason to be there. And it feels suitably different from Gleason or Q&I. Most importantly, students are using it.

Musician, attorney talks issues and self-love at iZone

Now though, Ponder said she does not rely on others’ approval of others to measure self-worth. At the end of the event, Ponder sang her song “Three Word Revolution.” The three-word revolution, Ponder said in introducing the song, is “I love myself.”

Newly renovated iZone hopes to foster creativity with opening

With hanging-globe light fixtures, movable tables and chairs, blue and yellow diner booths, and whiteboards and outlets everywhere, iZone Director Julia Maddox hoped the “playful and quirky” space will emphasize their mission for inspiring creative problem-solving and thinking.