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Breaking news: First-years still have a will to live

They are so full of hope it makes any upperclassman sick with the realization that they, too, were once full of bliss and a will to live.

A humble review of Connection’s soups

These Connections soups were my life, my blood. And as a soup connoisseur, I looked forward to testing each recipe.

Mystery upstairs: What’s that noise?

I swear I’m returning to a primitive amoeba-like state now that all my classes are virtual. We’re only three weeks in and already I’m going crazy.

Buy CT cups!

From the Humor Section: Its flimsy build also makes it easy to fold to get to those hard-to-reach areas, making it great for watering plants and performing your routine enema.

A list of bathrooms

For those of us who suffer from IBS and UTS (Upset Tummy Syndrome), knowing where the best, cleanest, and most private bathrooms are is always a necessity.

Southside spiders seriously spook Stella

Imagine my displeasure upon finding a gargantuan, lustrous-rumped, gangly-legged, octo-eyed, bitch-ass orb weaver staring at me from its tiny nest of butt string.

UR to be Named an Ivy School

Nichols also said that whenever she looks at the ivy it “brings back fond memories of [her] rejection letter from Cornell,” and she’s not the only one!

UR to finish first place in fort competition

The skeleton of the award-winning fort is visible in Hirst, formally known as the Flag Lounge, now known as the Fort Lounge.

How to enter a dorm you don’t live in

Sometimes you just need to visit a friend. Sometimes you have to get creative to get into their dorm room.

Find love in the time of corona with these quarantine date ideas!

Get to really know that person you’re sending snapchats of your ceiling to! Watch the movie critics are calling "Fight Club for White Women!"