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Gorillaz evolve with ‘Humanz’

I personally found myself listening more to the tracks that are too quiet and sad for radio time, like “Busted and Blue,” which officially made it onto my list of favorite songs to ugly cry to.

The Purrfect UR Applicant

My name is Toulouse Drukker, a year-and-a-half-old tabby cat, and with my personality, life experience, and accomplishments, I believe I will make a contribution to University as a student.

Yellow Jackets recognized for ‘Y2J’

“The best male collegiate album award is an especially big deal,” Hogan said.

Art Awake fosters city, campus creative exchange

“There’s a lot of talent here that goes on unnoticed,” senior and Art Director Daniel Hargrove said.

Sticks and stones

Turning over the old phrase "actions speak louder than words".

‘Almost Maine’ paints poignant vignettes

The curtain didn’t go up at the start of UR TOOP’s “Almost Maine” Saturday night—because there was no curtain.

Barrymore bites back

My first recommendation about watching “The Santa Clarita Diet” is to not do so while eating.

CT recommends: Angel Olsen

The breathiness of Lana Del Rey, the jazzy upbeat of Zooey Deschanel, and a devil’s-in-the-details touch that’s all her own, Angel Olsen’s album is one to dance around your room alone and maybe have a good cry to.

The Demos welcome Rochester’s cooperative music community

The Demos is a Rochester band with an indie-rock sound, self-described on its Facebook page as being influenced by "girls, fast cars, nightlife, girls, reckless romance, and girls."

Mr. Carmack concert brings UR EDM scene together

Mr. Carmack's style is a mix of EDM and synth, which he describes as the “hinge to the doorway between dance music and hip hop.”