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‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ is past, present, and poetry

“Lincoln in the Bardo,” the upcoming debut novel of George Saunders, brings troubled American history to our troubled American times.

The ‘Beginning of Everything’ should end pretty soon

“Z: The Beginning of Everything” has been flooding newsfeeds with silent ads sporting titillating quotes from the show, based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald and her famously rocky marriage to literary giant F. Scott Fitzgerald. It couldn’t be more misleading.

MAG invites guests to be heard

Ascending the stairs during the Memorial Art Gallery’s event Friday night, you might have noticed an odd juxtaposition between the DJ’s beats being left behind and the sound of harps and soft conversation replacing them ahead.

Hidden Figures arise in period piece

If you want to feel hopeful, watch “Hidden Figures.”

Musicians, businesses Roc4Tim together

Big-name local bands came out to support Rochester concert promoter Tim Avery, diagnosed with stage-three lymph node cancer.

A note from your housemates

Things are going to have to change between us now.

Author pushes social awareness

“Barbara the Slut and Other People” is entertaining in more ways than one.

Paranormal investigators search MAG, find the unexplainable

The Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) reached out due to a growing number of stories and strange sightings taking place throughout the 103-year-old building.

Pixies shake off dust with recent release of ‘Head Carrier’

The Campus Times sits down with Pixies drummer David Lovering.

The dead come alive at MAG event

Spirits were high, in more ways than one.