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Austin Butler won an Oscar for his role in “Elvis,” but there must have been someone,  or something, missing for Luhrmann. My guess is Leonardo DiCaprio.

My Oscars 2023 reactions

Many films were nominated for various awards this year — some won, certain ones were snubbed, and others were deservedly recognized.

If I picked the winners: Oscars 2023

Instead of only talking about the possibly fortunate and unfortunate predictions of the ceremony, I decided to talk about my votes.

And the Best Picture Oscar nominees are…

We asked different writers to review the Academy Award Best Picture nominees. These are their responses. Luis Nova| Columnist 'Three…

Oscars predictions read ‘La La Land’ triumph

On Febr. 26, the Academy Awards could go one of two ways: either “La La Land” is going to sweep or the Academy will spread the love, leaving the film with a mere six or seven wins.

Hidden Figures arise in period piece

If you want to feel hopeful, watch “Hidden Figures.”

Predicting Tuesday’s Oscar nominations

Who’s going to be nominated for Academy Awards on Tuesday? Well, despite a seemingly endless season of speculation, no one really knows.

2016 Oscar Predictions: Few upsets expected

Finally, after one of the most unpredictable and controversial awards seasons in history, the Academy Awards are upon us.

Oscar watch: A Christmas ‘Carol’

Giving into the charms of Todd Haynes’ “Carol” is kind of like falling in love: you begin to slowly surrender, until you do so all at once.