UR Yellow Jackets 2016 album “Y2J” was awarded four different titles by the Contemporary A Capella Society this past month.

“Y2J” which came out in April of 2016, won “Best Male Collegiate Album,” “Best Male Collegiate Arrangement,” and runner-up for “Best Hip-Hop Song” and “Best Male Collegiate Song.”

UR alum, former Yellow Jacket, and producer Kyle Hogan was a producer on the album and was at the ceremony last Saturday night to pick up the award.

“The best male collegiate album award is an especially big deal,” Hogan said. “Because we’ve always hoped to make an album good enough to be considered at that level, and considering the competition, it’s really awesome to even have been nominated.”

The current Yellow Jackets team just completed their last spring show last Saturday.

“My role was essentially collaborating between the group and the awesome audio engineers and producers we were fortunate enough to work with, and really formulating our creative vision as best as possible,” Hogan said. “I learned a ton about the process and our music that way, especially since the whole thing took about 2 years from conception to product.”


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