The Ticket:

Justyna Gorka, Class of 2021

Marc Hadad, Class of 2021

Social Media:

Instagram: @everbettermoments

FB event: Gorka & Haddad for President and VP



    • Acting Chair of the International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC)
    • On the Student Life Committee
    • Senator and 2021 Class Council member for the last 2 school years
    • Part of the All Gender Restrooms report and resolution to designate more all gender restrooms throughout River Campus
    • Part of the Statement in Support of Student Representation on the University Board of Trustees
    • Worked with different administrations to coordinate International Education Week with ISAC
    • Co-sponsored as ISAC with the Greene Center for CPT/OPT Workshops
    • Other on campus involvement: Alpha Phi Omega Co-Ed Service Fraternity; RA for Gilbert Hall; co-founder of and Director of External Relations for UR Splash,  an educational outreach group that works with local high schools; Vice President of Residence Hall Association, a council that works with ResLife and Hall Councils on the 3 pillars of advocacy, programming, and recognition 


    • Analyst for the Administration & Review Committee (ARC) representing Cultural Organizations
    • Other on campus involvement includes: Mechanical Engineering TA; Research Assistant in Laboratory for Laser Energetics; President of Meliora Launchpad; Business Manager of SADACA; Recruitment and Training Leader for Meridian Society (Tour Guides), and a Tour Guide; Engineering World Health; Ain Team Member (Ain Center for Entrepreneurship)

Three most important proposals:

  • We want to have more educational discussion on identity. We want to mandate a “First Year Experience” class that will discuss major social issues such as identity (race, gender, sexual orientation, heritage, etc), sexual misconduct, mental health etc. For upperclassmen, we want to increase the number of Safe Zone Trainers among the student body, and incorporate mandatory Safe Zone and Diversity training for all Greek Life. This will allow students to get to know prevalent issues for future respectful and productive discussion.
  • We plan to address the mental health crisis as it pertains to this campus and UCC in particular by increasing the resources to match the demand. We want to increase the staff within UCC. We also want Mental Health First Aid Training for student advocates like RAs and International Student Mentors. By training these kinds of mentors, they can address the stigma around mental health on a more personal level than Orientation can. They would also be better trained to direct students to the right resources to seek further help earlier on than testing season when stress peaks. 
  • As of right now there are multiple SA clubs, councils, and offices that focus on different facets of sustainability. We need unification, and that will come in the form of a working committee with administration, faculty, facilities, and student representation that are invested in the topic. We want to push for a coalition that will not only implement the Climate Action Plan but will also maintain long term sustainability goals such as more LEED certification and phasing out single-use plastics. Staff will ensure the longevity of the committee and its plans, while student members will ensure accountability so that the university is following through. 

Other Candidate Profile: Ian Krager and Izzy Murphy

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