SA’s Feb. 10 included a proposal regarding climate action at UR, the status of all-gender restrooms, and an upcoming committee on Wilson Commons’ flag display.

Climate Action Plan
Sophomore senator Izzy Murphy opened the meeting by saying that she wanted to write a resolution in support of UR adopting a climate action plan. Murphy described the plan as “a mixture of short-term and long-term goals.” The measures, Murphy said, would range from net zero carbon emissions to reducing plastic in dining halls. Murphy — a co-president of Grassroots — is one of a group of students who made a list of recommendations for UR to adopt such a plan.
Senator Tayfun Sahin suggested that Murphy look at pre-existing senate resolutions that set carbon emission reduction goals and encouraged fossil fuel divestment to evaluate what course of action is actually necessary. Murphy said that a resolution from senate regarding a climate action plan would be different than past resolutions since it would be supporting a student initiative that has already reached the University’s president.

All-Gender Restroom
Senior and Legistative Advisor to the Campus Services Committee Lumi Schildkraut gave a rundown of a report they are working on with the Campus Services Committee evaluating the presence of all-gender restrooms on River Campus. Schildkraut — who is also a senior staff member of the Campus Times — said the report looks at every building on River Campus, and makes a series of recommendations, regarding specific restrooms and floors, that are currently being brought to deans. The goal, Schildkraut said, is that nobody is situated more than two floors from both an all-gender and a gendered restroom.

Public Safety
SA President and senior Jamal Holtz reported that the new cruise lights on Public Safety vehicles have proved successful in at least one case. A student whose belongings were stolen, Holtz said, was able to reach Public Safety faster — and get their belongings back faster — because they saw the lights.

Flag Committee

A University-wide committee to discuss the flag display in Hirst Lounge has been formed — though they are waiting for one more confirmation — Holtz said. Holtz will be co-chairing the committee. Additionally, SA will soon make applications available to students to join an SA subcommittee that will advise the larger committee’s student representative.

Senators celebrated the early adjournment of the meeting that lasted an unusually speedy 45 minutes.

Editor’s Note (2/17/20): An earlier version of this article failed to list Schildkraut’s class year or SA role, as well as that they are on Campus Times staff. The absence has been fixed. 

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