Cheers to the ultimate decision to cancel the Eastman Philharmonia’s concert tour in China.

Jeers to that decision being the reversal of an initial, insensitive decision.

Cheers to the kind souls who see you at the end of hallways as you’re struggling to hold your life together and hold the door open for you.

Jeers to a crowd of people walking through double doors, but only opening one door, congesting hallway traffic as they funnel through the singular open door, like sheeple.

Cheers to Late Night moving to the Pit, lessening the burden on student employees.

Jeers to Late Night moving to the Pit, worsening the menu and ruining the atmosphere.

Cheers to Gleason being open 24 hours a day.

Jeers to Gleason’s whole vibe.

Cheers to the first snowfall of the year, and the beautiful sunset that followed.

Jeers to the snow exacerbating the already existing accessibility issues for disabled students on campus.

Cheers to the Bills being 6-2!

Jeers to the Sabres dropping five games in a row.

Cheers to the multi-stall all-gender bathroom created in Carlson over the summer.

Jeers to the barriers trans and non-binary students face trying to get placed in gender-neutral housing (which doesn’t exist for first-semester first years outside of requesting a single).

Cheers to cute holiday-themed Starbucks cups that make for the perfect Instagram story.
Jeers to the cute holiday-themed Starbucks cups making your name and order number unreadable.

Cheers to Madeleine Albright visiting UR.

Jeers to Madeleine Albright saying Meliora means “even better.”

Cheers to the end-of-semester performances happening in the next two weeks.

Jeers to nobody being able to go because there’s too much on their plates.

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