When graduating seniors Sam Borst-Smith and and Mack Montague entered their freshman year, they joined a formerly top-ranked UR Men’s Basketball (URBB) team, headlined by star senior guard John DiBartolomeo. During their first two seasons, the team went a disappointing 10–15.

“The team was sick of losing,” Borst-Smith said.

The next year, the Yellowjackets boasted a record of 17–8 with increases in team statistical performance across the board. The pair produced the inaugural State Farm Assist of the Year, with Montague nailing the game-winning triple in the corner after a Borst-Smith intentionally missed a free throw, caught his own rebound, and found the other guard. It was a fitting honor that recognized their chemistry.

Borst-Smith and Montague averaged 16.3 and 15.7 points per game this season. Borst-Smith had 2.62 steals per game, surpassing Terry Fitzgerald for the most in UR history. Montague will be remembered for his three-point shooting, becoming the all-time leader in treys attempted and made. Montague credited his teammates and coaches for giving him confidence in his shot, as he had been more timid early in his career with his shot selection.

The backcourt complimented each other nicely on both offense and defense. Borst-Smith was more of an offensive contributor, generating open buckets for Montague to drain, while Montague was more of a defensive stopper, allowing Borst-Smith to jump into passing lanes and rack up steals. The pair led the Yellowjackets to finish with a 24–5 overall record and an Elite Eight NCAA tournament appearance this season.

As their UR careers end, both Borst-Smith and Montague thank their parents for being supportive and always making an effort to come out to games, the fans, and their coaches for all the effort they have put into the program.

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