These times of political discontent have left many feeling hopeless, afraid, and alone among all the madness going on. This is as true at UR as at countless other places around the country in these early days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Fortunately, the student body hasn’t missed an opportunity to demonstrate their distaste, the first step toward effective political action. Beginning with the “Not My America” protest in November and continued by recent demonstrations like #NoBanNoWall, there has been no shortage of student gatherings in the name of dissatisfaction. Common to all of these events is a great sense of solidarity and strength in numbers.

           While these events have all been great successes in peaceful protest with healthy turnouts and serve as an excellent first step, it’s time to take the next step, one that goes beyond the confines of our campus.

           The Rochester community has had its own share of protests lately, including the hosting of its own “Women’s March” in January and more recent protests at city hall regarding Trump’s immigration executive order. These events have also boasted a diverse turnout, but have lacked a significant UR student turnout compared to protests on our own campus. Of course, the convenience and importance of campus solidarity rallies are deeply important, but they are, ultimately, preaching to the choir, far from the halls of power.  

           At “Not My America,” Rochester community members from a wide range of generations and beliefs dotted the crowd. It is time for UR students to return the favor and let the outside world hear our words.

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