UR Shuttle Shutdown

Courtesy of rochester.edu

For many students, the airport shuttles provided by the Students’ Association (SA) Projects & Services Committee during spring break are a convenient and appreciated service. After a hectic day of travelling, it’s easy to hop on a waiting bus with other UR students at no cost. That said, providing this service seems like a logical option. This spring break, however, there will not be any such service.

“It was unclear whether [there] was significant usage and demand of the service to merit the costs,” said Ana Garcia, SA Projects & Services Committee transportation aide.

Garcia also described how last year’s Thanksgiving shuttle service proved problematic when the buses looped unreliably, leaving students dissatisfied.

According to SA President Roshal Patel, the SA wanted to reevaluate students’ use of the shuttle and resolve such issues plaguing the Thanksgiving break shuttles, but the Projects & Services Committee didn’t complete the necessary evaluation in time to arrange for spring break service this year. The SA does however “intend to continue to provide shuttles in the future.”

Regardless of the current lack of shuttles and the disappointment surrounding that, the student body’s primary desire is for the shuttles’ return. We think the benefit outweighs the cost and we hope to see them return next semester as promised.

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