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On Feb. 11, at the Robert Kane Invitational hosted by Cornell University, Lauren Norton had a stand-out performance, qualifying for the Eastern College Athletic Conference meet in the 3000 meter race. The accomplishment didn’t stop there, even though it was Lauren’s first race in over a year. In the face of a nagging injury, Lauren set her sights on getting back to her love of competitive running and is now in a position to blow the post-season competition away.

What is your major?
I am a mathematics major.

What were you thinking during your race at the Kane Invitational?
During the first part, I was just thinking about getting myself in position. Midway I was starting to feel it. With a half mile to go, I was telling myself, ‘Come on, Lauren,’ while simultaneously doubting that I could go any more. With two laps to go, a girl who was running faster got in front of me, so I picked it up with her. I don’t really remember what happened from there.

How does it feel to be back after such a long time off?
It feels really, really amazing. I have had a tremendous time, considering all of the injuries in the past year. I love competitive running.

Who has had the greatest impact on your running career and why?
Both my mom and my dad had a pretty big impact. My mom was a four-time all-American and I am determined to one day run as fast as her. My dad was also a phenomenal runner. My dad always talked to me about believing in myself and visualizing myself achieving my goals, which is so important in a sport where they say 90 percent of it is mental. Both have been very supportive and I am really appreciative that they are able to come to so many of my races and cheer me on.

Are there any particular moments in your running career that stand out to you?
In the beginning of cross-country my freshman year, I developed an injury. I had just come off of a great summer of training., but I didn’t let that stop me from competing. I spent hours in the pool aqua-jogging and working my butt off, and then managed to have the best season of my career up to that point.

And your hopes for the team this season?
We want the Liberty League title and [to] get those title rings. Our locker room catch phrase is, “We went to Jared.”

Who is your favorite professional runner?
Molly Huddle. She currently holds the American records in the 5k at 14:44.

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