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A  student  accidentally  activated a sprinkler in a fourth floor room in DeKiewiet Tower on Monday, Jan. 30 at 11:27 a.m. Officers responded to a fire alarm and were told by the student that he had hung a towel on the sprinkler. Upon removing the towel, the sprinkler activated.
According to UR Security Investigator Daniel Lafferty, the Rochester Fire Department arrived and temporarily shut off the sprinkler system. Rochester Management staff also responded to initiate clean up. Elevators for the building were taken out of service and some power was shut off due to the water. Damages were not determined at the time of the incident.

Repeat offender peddles for money at Eastman

2. Charles Williams of Rochester was arrested on Monday, Jan. 30 at 9:31 p.m. after Security was notified that he was asking people for money in the lobby of the Eastman School of Music.
The suspect, who had previously been issued a ban advising him to stay off UR property, admitted to asking for the cash. He was taken into custody by the police and removed from the area, according to Lafferty.

Slippery slope results in injury

3.  On  Saturday, Jan. 28 at approximately 8 p.m. Security responded to a student who had fallen in the entrance of the Computer Studies Building. The student complained of pain in her head and hip and was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for care, Lafferty said.
Wallet disappears in a flash

4.  On Friday, Jan. 27 a student notified Security that his wallet had been stolen between the hours of 3:30 and 5 p.m. from the first floor snack area of the Eastman Commons-Student Living Center.
According to Lafferty, the student told Security that he accidentally left his wallet on the counter after paying for his food and returned to find it gone. No police report was filed.

iPod not safe in practice room

5.  A student reported that his iPod was stolen from a basement practice room in the Eastman School of Music between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27.
The practice room had been left unsecured during the time the student left the device unattended. Lafferty said that a police report was to be filed at a later time.

Back spasms wreak havoc

6. Security officers responded to the Munro House on Saturday, Jan. 28 for a student who reported that she was having difficulty breathing.
The student told Security that the pain was a result of severe back spasms. She was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for care, according to Lafferty.

Buletti is a member of the class of 2013.
Information provided by UR Security.

SA passes resolution supporting New York State Suicide Prevention Act

Pushing for university suicide intervention policies, the SA joined 26 college governments supporting the bill to safeguard student mental health.

Notes by Nadia: What’s happening to K-pop?

I miss when the K-pop industry was focused on making quality comebacks that may have happened less often, but were worth the wait.

SA resolution denounces students’ alleged disrespect against River Campus workers

Students' alleged disrespectful acts include smearing excrement on mirrors, making racist remarks towards workers, and more, according to the resolution.