Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Wendi Heinzelman has been named Dean of Graduate Studies in the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering. Her research is currently focused on wireless communication, networking, mobile computing and multimedia communication.

Dean of Research and Graduate Studies Paul Slattery has become Dean of Research. Slattery joined UR as a research associate and U.S. Atomic Energy Commission postdoctoral fellow in 1967.

Slattery’s research has been the D-Zero experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider, which consists of elucidating the properties of the top quark, the most massive of the known states of matter. Heinzelmen’s position will allow Slattery to devote more time and work to the areas of technology transfer and information technology.

“Paul has done a marvelous job as dean of graduate studies, but his other responsibilities are increasingly demanding. I couldn’t be happier that Wendi will take over graduate studies,” Dean of the Faculty Peter Lennie said.

Heinzelman will begin her term as dean on July 1. A major goal of Heinzelman’s is to strengthen the College’s existing graduate programs. She plans to create “a unified umbrella for graduate studies” so that graduate students always feel connected to the whole college, according to a March 4 press release by Senior Science Writer Jonathan Sherwood.

Heinzelman values graduate students and the important role they play at a research university.

“Strong graduate students help develop new research directions, provide insight into existing problems, maintain high levels of research productivity and raise the profile of individual departments,” Heinzelman said.

Schneier is a member of the class of 2011.

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