om an exasperating day packed with lectures, several hour-long labs and grueling recitations and felt like relinquishing all the day’s worries, stress and frustration in front of your television set? I, like most of you, have. The difference is, instead of surrendering my conscience to an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” you’re likely to catch me indulging myself in the University’s own TV station, popularly known as “The Quatro.”

Taking the realm of student-run media by storm, URTV boasts a wide range of shows, a daily news broadcast and a fresh new lineup of programs that is sure to captivate the entire student body.

Popular segments include “UR Trivia Battle,” which is similar to the popular game show, “Jeopardy!” In an attempt to reveal Rochester’s social scene, “UR Nightlife” chronicles the lives of party going students in a comedic fashion. The University’s own talk show, “UR UpLate,” airs everyday at 10:00 p.m.; moreover, the show, hosted by junior Roger Smith, features student groups, musicians and skits, providing a competitive comedic alternative to “The Late Show.”

Another amusing show, “UR Action News,” reports on local and national news in a hilarious manner and will surely keep any comedic heartthrob on his toes! Finally, “Radio on Television” displays 10 new music videos every week that cover a wide range of musical talents. The hosts, junior Matt Linton and junior Seth Kallman, offer trivia on the videos as well as their creative insight.

Junior Nick Brown, president of URTV, has been an integral part of the TV station since his freshman year.

“[There is] a special sense of excitement that comes every time you see your face on television,” Brown said. “[It’s] something you can never really appreciate until it happens.”

This year, URTV plans to enact a publicity campaign intended to further popularize the network. They plan to publicize their schedule and post advertisements throughout the campus.

Their advertisements are sure to include their intriguing line-up of proposed shows which include “Freshman Feud.”

“Freshman Feud [is] a game show which is unsurprisingly in the style of ‘Family Feud.’ Rival freshmen halls would do battle for ultimate bragging rights,” Brown said.

Dawn, the lovable and caring dining employee at Wilson Commons, may also grace the student body with her presence on URTV. Viewers may get a chance to see Dawn on the network’s first talk show episode; furthermore, Dawn is currently in the process of formulating her own show on URTV!

In addition to a fun-filled list of shows, URTV also draws specials guests to spice up their programs. Brown mentions that just last spring, URTV sponsored a SA presidential debate that was presided over by former SA president Alex Pearlman. “URTV is first and foremost about its members having fun,” Brown said. “Students should only consider joining if they like to have a good time.”

If you happen to be interested and would like to join the outstanding cast of URTV, Brown invites you to attend meetings this semester that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8:00 p.m. in Rush Rhees 445. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the remote control and tune into channel four, “The Quatro.”

Tase is a member of the class of 2010.

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