An age-old tradition for Sigma Chi, the Derby Days charity event will begin Monday, Oct. 13 and continue through Saturday Oct. 18 with games and activities throughout the week, with all profits going to the Children’s Miracle Network, the alliance of hospitals for children.

Groups of girls only can form teams, with a minimum of five girls and a maximum of 12, with points collected throughout the week that raise money while participating in the activities.

Any girl wishing to form a group is allowed to, and the event fosters a sense of fun and community while raising money for the fraternity’s philanthropy. “It’s a good cause and you get to have fun while you’re at it,” Matt Cummins, chairman of Derby Days said. “You can meet new people, and take part even if you’re not in a sorority.”

Ten teams have signed up already, and groups from all areas of campus are encouraged to participate. Traditionally, sororities join in the fun, but any group of girls are allowed to compete.

The price to participate is $12 per person for each team, and included in the fee is a T-shirt designed especially for the event, given to each participant. Money raised during the event also goes to the charity organization, with the fraternity itself making no profit off the event.

Monday kicks off with a campus-wide scavenger hunt for teams to participate in, the first chance to rack up points for the competition. Tuesday’s highlight is the bachelor auction, one of the most popular events, and each dollar raised by girls’ teams goes to the charity and counts as a point for the team.

Wednesday’s event is Skit Night, where girls perform skits and are judged for points, and act out a number of different scenarios.

Friday brings field games on the Fraternity Quad, including bobbing for apples, Jell-O Twister, relay races and, weather permitting, a slip and slide for teams to enjoy.

In addition, girls are allowed to re-decorate a room in the Sigma Chi house throughout the week. “Each group of girls can decorate a room in the house, any way they want,” Cummins said.

Saturday culminates with a registered party at the house, their annual Jungle Party, which any person wishing to can attend, held at a flora-and-fauna-decorated fraternity house.

Fraternity members also wear derby hats throughout the week, individually decorated, which girls attempt to steal from brothers.

Points are tallied at the end of the week, and the team of girls that has racked up the most points is deemed the winner of the event, receiving all the donated prizes.

Prizes are donated by local companies for the event from establishments such as Great Northern and Arc Floral. A plaque is also given to the first place team, and the bragging rights of winning the week’s competition.

For more information about the event, or to register a team, contact Matt Cummins at

Linden can be reached at

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