Wilson Commons may soon get three new technological additions to further its role as the hub of student activity at UR.

“The [Wilson Commons staff] are looking into installing three computers, one on each floor. Currently, we are talking to Simon [Graduate School of Business Administration] and seeing how they have implemented a similar system,” Director of Wilson Commons and Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier said.

Some students, representing various student groups including the Computer Interest Floor, have expressed interest in having computers installed in Wilson Commons. An informal information gathering group including CIF representatives, including junior Peter Ordal, Dean of Students Jody Asbury, Algier and senior and Students’ Association President Lonny Mallach have met and discussed possible options.

Together, they visited the computer kiosks in Simon and concluded that a similar setup would be appropiate for Wilson Commons.

Lonny said that many other universities have public access computers in their student centers. Factors such as the placement of and the means of payment for the computers remains undecided. CIF will most likely be responsible for maintaining the machines.

“The reason we are focusing on Wilson Commons is that it has wireless Internet access, so it’s easy to set up a computer there. Other buildings that don’t already have ethernet set up cause problems for public access computers,” Mallach said.

Students can check up on the latest news, the weather, e-mail and any other usual Internet activities. “I think it’s an excellent idea. Computers will make Wilson Commons more of a student center,” freshman Vanessa May-Corsini said. “It gives the building another use.”

Freshman Michelle Punj agreed. “It’s an amazing idea. People always go into Wilson Commons between classes and at lunch. If you need to check e-mail or use the Internet, you’d have computers right there,” she said. “It would be so convenient.”

Currently, Wilson Commons has one wireless laptop on loan from ITS which can be checked out by students at 4-hour intervals from the Hive. The laptop is available during the Hive’s hours of operation.

“The more people that respond to this, the higher up [the plan] will be on our priority list,” Algier said.

Some students do not support the installation of computers in Wilson Commons. “It is a good idea, but I would not personally use it. We already have enough computers in the library. Plus, I have one in my dorm,” sophomore Kenneth Hood said.

If you wish to see Wilson Commons add computers or have any other suggestions for Wilson Commons, e-mail Algier directly at anne-marie.algier@rochester.edu.

Additional reporting by Taylor Yunis. He can be reached at mhe@campustimes.org.

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