An undergraduate student reports that his laptop was stolen from his Hill Court room Sunday, Nov. 24.

The unidentified suspect apparently entered the locked room and left it open and unsecured.

“There were no signs of forced entry into the area observed,” UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

The stolen computer was valued at around $1,955, security says.

Stolen car recovered by police

An unidentified suspect allegedly stole a 1997 Dodge Neon from the River Lot between Nov 20 and Nov. 25. The vehicle belonged to an undergraduate student.

“The police were notified and the officer responding advised the victim that their vehicle had been recovered,” Lafferty said.

Police found the car by a home on Rochester’s Madison Street. The vehicle remains at the police impound for safekeeping pending paperwork, the victim said.

Security estimates the value of the car at $1,600. A police report will be filed at a later date.

Car stolen from River Road Labs lot

A 1998 Saturn belonging to a university staff member was stolen sometime on Nov. 25 from the River Roads Labs parking lot.

The vehicle is worth about $3,000 and a police report was filed with the Brighton Police Department.

Laptop stolen from Kendrick

A laptop computer was stolen from the desk of an undergraduate living in Kendrick Nov. 30.

The suite was unsecured at the time.

“The student believes the theft occurred while he was taking a shower,” Lafferty said.

The computer has an estimated value of about $1,600. A police report will be filed at a later time.

Wallet stolen from Hoeing

A wallet was reported stolen from an unsecured Hoeing Hall room on Nov. 24.

The room was unsecured when the unknown suspect entered the room, security says.

The wallet reportedly contained identification cards for the university and military, credit cards and $40 cash. A police report will be filed at a later time, the victim says.

Information provided by UR Security.

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