Is a person who has gotten sexual reassignment surgery able to attain sexual pleasure from their new parts? ? New Nads on the Block

The primary reason for sexual reassignment surgery is gender identity, making the mind congruent with the physical body. Imagine being a hot, seductive women trapped in a permanent hairy chewbacca costume ? sexual reassignment surgery is the only way to get out.

While sexual identity is priority, male-to-female transexuals can utilize their newly constucted, somewhat shallower vagina to have intercourse. They usually have to slap on a bit of lubrication beforehand, though. And while some male-to-female transexuals report post surgical capacity to experience sexual arousal and orgasm, the newly configured vagina is not capable of engorgement. Although great care is taken to maintain the sensory nerves associated with the penis and relocate them to inside of the newly fashioned vagina, surgeons can not guarentee that the nerves will be fully functioning.

Female-to-male transsexuals have it a little harder ? actually that’s the problem. It is impossible for transsexuals to make the newly constructed penis engorged. There are some devices that can provide rigidity for intercourse, however. One option is to have a hollow skin tube fashioned on the underside of the new penis, in which a silicon rod can be inserted. Nerves from the clitoris can be left at the base of the penis, and erotic feelings ensue. ? Joan

If a girl asks me to a dance, am I obligated to buy her a ticket? Am I being rude by only buying a ticket for myself? ? Sadie Hawkins’ Date

No, you aren’t being rude. She should actually be offering to pay for your ticket, especially if you weren’t planning on attending without her invitation. The asker should always offer to pay, no matter his or her gender. There should not be a double standard. If you would like to pay for her ticket, then do so. But do not feel obligated. ? Joan

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