I am writing in response to Damon Dimmick’s ?Exorcising the Republican antichrist? appearing in the Jan. 25 Campus Times.

Dimmick claims that as a Republican, he is discriminated against by his ?friends and family? and that he has to deal with this prejudice ?every day.?

We should all understand that what Dimmick complains about doesn?t even come close to the prejudice that many people face every day.

There was a time when people were enslaved. Millions were not allowed to vote or were forced to the back of the bus. This is prejudice.

The effects of these events are diminishing, but they still linger in today?s world in the form of racism, sexism and classism.

As students at a very expensive private university, we must understand that we are truly lucky to be afforded the opportunities that we often take for granted.

Instead of taking the time to sit down and write an article which makes such a ridiculous claim ? saying that the Republicans are a victim of prejudice ? perhaps Dimmick should have just counted his blessings.

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