It?s time for the annual jump in the Genesee River with the Floundering Fairies Sunday, April 1 at 3 p.m.

The Floundering Fairies, UR?s all female synchronized swim team, is renowned for its extravagant show that celebrates the coming of spring to the Rochester area in the rusty brown, chemically tainted river.

?We have ten swimmers who frolic in the muddy river in a harmonious synchronized dance,? said Ima Swimmer, senior and president of the group. ?It?s one show you don?t want to miss. We have pretty suits, nice legs and a magnificent dance routine.?

The Floundering Fairies were formed in 1973 when founding member Stella Loser fell into the river accidently and, in an attempt to save herself from embarrassment, proceeded to promenade in the water. What followed was a mass rush to the water, like lemmings off a cliff. Five of the students who jumped into the river became known as the Floundering Fairies for their distinguished dance ability in the murky waters.

These five founding members currently work in UR?s genetics lab as case studies for the extra appendages that they developed soon after that eventful spring day. They are still involved in planning events for the Floundering Fairies and look forward to this year?s spring show.

The group now has twelve esteemed members, and this weekend?s show is their opening event for the season.

?We?re going to be doing lots of that really hard swim called the doggie-paddle,? said junior and member Anita Life. ?We perform in the Genesee River because it?s where our wonderful group originated, plus the chemicals give my hair a nice shine.?

The group will be swimming to a fine array of music, including ?Lou, Lou, Skip To My Lou,? ?She?ll Be Coming Around the Mountain? and ?London Bridges Is Falling Down.?

The show will end with a 12 water-gun salute followed by the Floundering Fairies finale of ?By The Genesee,? which includes a surprise underwater ending and a display of fireworks.

Swimmer said the group also does a reenactment of Loser?s fall into the river, complete with an invitation to the crowd to jump into the river with them. Despite frigid temperatures and revolting water, this should prove to be an excellent end to the day.

This event is free and open to the public, but the audience is asked to bring a donation of towels and suntan lotion for the Floundering Fairies? ongoing effort to stay warm and tan.

Jaime Hobba refused comment.

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