Hey. You?ve probably seen me around campus as a member of the UR improv comedy troupe, In Between the Lines. But what I have to say today is something that?s very serious to me. The University of Rochester is undergoing a period of change. New traditions are being brought in, while old ones, for better or worse, fade away or are being changed to meet the new ways of doing things on campus. And it seems that in many ways, students? lives are being changed by what?s going on throughout the University. An excellent example of this is the recent decision to make the Residential Quad freshman housing. Other than that, the usual issues of Dining, Security, Parking, Housing, will always be present on campus, while new issues like an on-campus pub and sweatshops are going to come up as well. The SA President is “the official representative of the students” (SA bylaws). I feel that in the capacity of President, I can be the person to represent the student body to the Administration, to the Faculty, to outside groups and the media, and press for what we feel is most important to us, the students. Lately, it seems that decisions have been made on major issues that affect the student body without any input from the student body. I don?t want to see that happen again. I think that the SA President needs to be someone who is active in working with Faculty and Administration to make students lives better, and to make sure the students are heard. A few thoughts I?ve had to do that are :

– The Student Services Committee (of which I am a member) has been working on ways to make students? lives easier. Last week, they had a big success in getting the UR Special bus to Marketplace Mall to start running on Wednesdays. I?d like to see planning and work like that to start coming from the President?s office as well.

– I?d like to see more ways of getting off-campus in any form, being stuck between a hospital, a cemetery and a river here and all, even if that means more cars on campus, and a better way for students to have cars on campus without having to park them out at GLC or Laser Lab, with the attendant crime.

– While we?re at it, we need to look at the crime on campus. I?d like to work with Security to ensure a better presence, quicker response times, and to make campus in general a safer place for students.

– With so many complaints, something needs to be done about the quality of food here. The addition of wraps at the Pit was a good start, and I think student feedback on things like that will encourage Dining Services/Aramark to keep doing things like that.

– And of course, the issues of The Bar, Parking Garage, Sweatshops, etc. These all need an in-depth look, and are issues that need strong student input before any decision can be made.

In short, we need a President who?s willing to be a strong advocate for the needs of the student body, and someone who?s out there making sure that we all live up to the theme of Meliora ? Always Better.

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