Getting back to basics with books

Just thinking on the events from the past week, there’s a lot I could have written about. There was a government shutdown, the start of the Winter Olympics, and Trump making inappropriate comments on the #MeToo movement.

American pastures: reflecting on factions in U.S. society

Plato’s “Republic” is set in a seaside courtyard down at the port of Piraeus. There, in the shade of an…

Let’s hope Feldman stays on the path

Richard Feldman, when he takes over as UR’s president later this month, will spend the majority of his interim tenure trying to repair UR’s reputation and to regain this community’s trust after last semester’s fumbling of campus outrage over how sexual misconduct is investigated here.

Are you there, financial aid office?

Let me get right to the point: This is about money. That can be a hard thing to talk about, and not everyone likes to do it, I know. Maybe you don't like to do it either, and that's why you answer all my questions with the simple yet evocative, "Take out more loans!"

Dear undergraduates interested in graduate studies

It’s a symbiotic relationship, where you’re just starting your career and they’re trying to maintain theirs. They’ve made it, and you have everything to gain under their appropriate guidance.
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Let’s move on from punishing Jaeger

My experience of Florian is just that: mine. It is by no means a negation of differing experiences, or a lack of sensitivity to the pain he may have caused others. I simply do not want to be used to contribute to the publicized image of Florian as a depraved sex fiend when that is not my first hand experience (nor second-, nor third-hand, until I read the EEOC report).

We will do better

We recognize that establishing the right policies, while critical, is only the first step. The report also makes recommendations for improvements in climate and the processing and transparency of harassment cases.

Seligman was right to step down

By any realistic standard, it’s clear that Seligman would not have been able to continue leading UR.

Finding better critiques of the national media

The bigger issue here is the idea that news outlets should shy away from writing about hidden or fringe people and ideologies, even those whose views we find vile.

Letter: White report moves UR, and women, backward

We write to express our sincere concerns about the Mary Jo White report and its impact on our community and students everywhere who face sexual harassment.