UR Student: An unpredictable registration process

Registration day finally comes. I’m sitting on my couch, fingers ready to pounce on the keyboard, waiting for 9:30 a.m. to flash across my phone screen.

Mother nature is sending us a message, or worse, a warning

While we’re home during this pandemic, we have plenty of time to reflect on our actions.

Recreational weed smells like danger

When you smoke marijuana, whenever you put it in a brownie, you are ingesting a drug.

the merits of growing your own herbs

In a fragmented system that demands impersonality, why not return some of that vigour to the self?

An unadulterated perspective on UR Student

To put it succinctly: UR Student sucks.

“Vote blue no matter who” is not a valid argument

We shouldn’t cancel a conversation just because it doesn’t seem worth having in the short term.

@Rochester, stop hiding important info

One thing we all have in common these days is we have more questions than answers.  No one knows what…

A beginner’s guide to mindfulness

Mindfulness teaches that we have power over our emotions, not the other way around. 

The U.S. government’s economic response to COVID-19 is a rip-off

How can the nation with the largest amount of wealth and access have such a weak bureaucracy?

Sad music isn’t always sad

Sad music does not always correlate with having a bad day or being in an unwelcome circumstance.