Super Bowl halftime show is dangerously sensual

Let’s transform the halftime performance to entertainment that doesn’t promote sex, tight clothing, and pornography.

The Steamies: UR’s best (and worst) showers on campus

We’ve already done our own alternative Oscars, and none of us are going to watch the awards show anyway, so instead we decided to give awards to UR’s showers. 

Under-involved or a balanced life?

This intense involvement is good, but it becomes all-consuming quicker than people care to admit. 

Eighty years ago we left the Jews behind. Who are we forgetting now?

I see the same pain of my Jewish peers at Michigan in my Tibetan and Hong Kong peers at UR. 

Something doesn’t sit right with SodaStream

But when you poke the do-gooder bubble, this operation is yet another reminder of the sickly-sweet tone corporations will adopt to sell you anything.

America’s crossroads, then and now

America, Glaude said, was at a crossroads. And hearing about it, it sounded eerily familiar.

Minding the greeting gap

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a universal greeting code?

Impeaching Donald Trump is not about Donald Trump

The impeachment of Donald Trump is important objectively and historically, regardless of political alignment, and should be taken seriously.

The Campus Times is changing, again

The expansion doesn’t look like it’s going to let up this semester.

UR’s break, your choice

The new semester just started, but for some (maybe most) of us, the grind never stopped.