I actually think my parents are good parents

Some people think that there is a perfect method of parenting. I don’t believe that.

Festivals and FOMO: International student edition

As an international student, being away from home means being disconnected from cultural traditions. And in all honesty, I don’t know how to do a better job of keeping up to date with everything.

Why it is our duty to steal from Hillside Market

If you wanted to make a plate of nachos, you would have to shell out over $55. If any readers decide to make them, I would be interested to know if you instantly attained enlightenment, transcended this mortal plane, and reached nirvana.

Alexandra Cousteau: Sincere or disingenuous?

She recognizes that pollution can be both a universal truth and something to be stopped, so why does she turn a blind eye to the displacement of people?

Hypocrisy abounds in discussion around Ukraine

It is not a contradiction to say that other conflicts don’t get adequate attention and concern while also making a clear statement that what is happening to Ukraine is tragic, wrong, and unacceptable.

Take control of your inbox (and your life)

When it’s your digital sanity on the line, that effort is certainly worth it.

Media versus the age of nostalgia

The past has always been a source of inspiration, so where is the line between low quality remakes and true homages?

It’s been a year; we need to stop AAPI hate

This atrocity was not the effective trigger to anti-racism and the end of Asian hate at UR that I had hoped it would be.

When does gender in sports matter?

Sports is an area that runs on black and white distinctions — you compete as either a man or a woman; you either win or lose. But what exactly, if anything, defines a woman?

You can still wear your skinny jeans

With trends moving at breakneck speed, we’re buying more clothes and wearing them for less time. But do we even have to follow trends?