Teen Girls vs. The World

In reality, overly criticizing women for their interests and emotions is nothing new, and this is simply the form it takes on in the modern world.

An Overdue Farewell

No matter where you are right now, CT wants to applaud you for finishing your degree under the worst possible circumstances.

Desk jobs aren’t the death of creativity

Being forced to create within a specific framework can generate ideas that wouldn’t have otherwise arisen without such a restriction.

The dining shortage breeds toxic body image

We can’t just stop eating while we wait for a committee to decide on the “best” way to feed us, whatever they think that is.

Muskaan’s Musings: What the flag lounge meant to me

I’m not sure I even knew that “the flag lounge” was actually called Hirst Lounge, and until the flags were gone, no one else really did either.

Muskaan’s Musings: Reality TV isn’t that bad

So how does an international student and no-bullshit STEM major get sucked in by the blackhole that is reality TV?

Writing: The ugly duckling of education

Yes, there is such a thing as bad writing, and I’m sure everyone has read something that’s made their eyes burn and their minds go blank.

The University lets students down by waving the white flag

It seems more and more like upper administration, the actual brain and decision-making power of the University, is incompetent at best, and cowardly at worst.

Sorry professor, I ate my homework

It’s unacceptable that the University fails to properly provide for students’ needs, especially when they promise inclusivity.

UR’s Dining Desert

I know that I can’t exactly compare Manhattan to Rochester, but I still wasn’t prepared for the extent of the food barrenness.