Beware the lens

We’re all biased. It follows that our friends are biased too.

An update on updates

The future of CT offers boundless possibilities.

Manglesdorf promising, but faces challenges

For now we are cautiously optimistic, but actions speak louder than words.

The shutdown mystery

Last night, when I was looking at the graph of Trump’s approval rating on FiveThirtyEight, my friend Charles said it…

New Year’s resolutions are inherently Sisyphean

I tend to approach the New Year and new beginnings with optimism, but that is completely baseless considering the lack…

The stakes are lower than you think

Sleep and diet can fall by the wayside when a cumulative exam remains to be studied for.

Living with a foreign accent

Accepting that people sound different and embracing them for that reason is important. We are a generation of different languages, dialects, and accents with code-switching as our way of life.

We put study spaces in their places

With finals just around the corner, we’ve compiled our rankings of some major study spaces on campus, from worst to best.

Frat parties aren’t free

Ah, I love the smell of female objectification in the morning! Or the afternoon, or the nighttime, (because it happens all the time, after all).

Dealing with a political death

Why was it now, when Bush had just died, that we all decided to voice our opinions about the man’s politics?