Jackie Powell
Class of 2018

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Amid campus climate, SEGway gets more inclusive with 5th annual walk a mile

Following the performances and speeches, a new addition to the event included the members of SEGway reading aloud anonymous quotes collected from on campus survivors.

Everybody Talks: A team leader since day one, Leslie is all heart and soul

Leslie is who Lebron James should be but never is. She is the heart and soul of her team, but her team is also her heart and soul.

Lamberton Conservatory is a home-grown wonderland

Rochester's Lamberton Conservatory, found in Highland Park, has everything from leatherback turtles to cacti. The Conservatory is a hidden treasure those Rochesterians that have discovered it.

Everybody Talks: Change from the outside

If these former players want the establishment to make a change, they shouldn’t have relied upon some shiny executive position.

Everybody Talks: Get off the bench, honor them

Last Wednesday, their times on the field and in the pool ended abruptly. They were killed in the shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, their lives gone too soon, their dreams yanked.

Everybody Talks: Will we remember them?

One reason of many why I’m so fascinated by the world of sports is because I’m a sucker for a great comeback story, a narrative about defeating all odds, a story about triumph. Trust me,  these female narratives aren’t short of exciting. But let’s try to remember them, shall we?

In interview, Burke talks UR’s sexual misconduct situation

"Healing has to happen collectively. It can’t just be the students getting everything they want or the administration getting everything they want, there has to be a collective healing on the campus, so that it is actual and it’s real."

Everybody Talks: How Much Do You Know About Women’s Sports Here?

How much do you know about female athletes and their teams here at UR?

Frustration not forgotten after investigation

The demonstration — which drew dozens of students, alumni, and faculty —  found gatherers expecting more from the University and hoping for change as Richard Feldman transitions into the school’s presidency next month.

Everybody Talks: Now they know his name

In one week, the entire board of USA Gymnastics and the president and athletic director of Michigan State all handed in their resignations.