Jackie Powell
Class of 2018

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Everybody Talks: For women, politics pervade sports

The debate surrounding sports’ role in politics raged on this week as ESPN came under fire because of a tweet…

Everybody Talks: The truth about 22 Harvest Street

The kidnapped students’ brutal torture was not the most jarring part of this story — it was how a player who dealt drugs and committed violence could remain untouched on UR Football.

Teams win playing ‘girly basketball’

If you want to change the stereotypes associated with female athletes, then go out support our Yellowjackets in their quest to reach another NCAA Elite Eight.

Field Hockey and Soccer end encouraging seasons

UR Field Hockey (URFH) finished their season making it to the Sweet-16 of the NCAA tournament, while Men’s Soccer (URMS) lost a hard fought tournament match against Eastern University.

URFH earns bid amid Liberty League title loss

Both squads came out to fight in an evenly matched title game, with the winner automatically receiving a bid into the NCAA Division III tournament.

Reconciling feminism with sports is tough, but worth it

I will be frank: Due to obvious gender stereotypes, I’m by no means expected to be a fan of, have a passion for, or even have an emotional connection to sports.

New Gaga album critiques U.S.

“Joanne” is a record in which Gaga laments the ideas in our society she observes, instead of the common themes that have plagued and invigorated her life.

Will ‘Pitch’ strikeout the patriarchy?

The simultaneous digs at men in sports media and rewards to women in sports media definitely send a signal to the viewers.

Wambach book signing delights fans, points to success for College Town

"I’m here because Rochester has been such a valuable part of my career. There’s no better way to come and celebrate with the people that helped me grow up, helped me learn about myself."

Women attempt to break Glass Ceiling at Rio, while Lochte embarrasses U.S. on world stage

The coverage has not only been deemed sexist, but it makes the case that, once again, athletics are a male space.