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UR team develops COVID-19 screening software for URMC workers

By asking questions related to the disease’s symptoms, the tool tells the user whether they potentially have COVID-19.

Coronavirus treatment trial to begin at URMC

Remdesivir is one of the drugs being tested as a treatment for COVID-19. Scientists hope that it will block the virus’ ability to replicate within cells.

URMC to pay $3 million for privacy violation

URMC will pay a $3 million penalty to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights. 

Metro Deli replaces Med Center’s Au Bon Pain

Metro Deli, newly occupying the space previously held by sandwich cafe Au Bon Pain, held its grand opening in the Medical Center on March 25.

New URMC facility makes healthcare accessible to Rochester

The facility will be easily accessible to Eastman students, located a few blocks away.

Au Bon Pain cafes close

The two Au Bon Pain cafes in the URMC closed their doors as the result of a mutual decision following a dispute in contract between the University and Healthy Choice.