Metro Deli, newly occupying the space previously held by sandwich cafe Au Bon Pain, held its grand opening in the Medical Center on March 25.

“It provides a diverse balance to the café area,” said Director of Food & Nutrition Al Caldiero. “It’s a different look to it, a different feel to it.”

Stationed on the Medical Center’s ground floor, Metro Deli will offer breakfast and lunch for hospital staff, guests, and students. Metro Deli’s menu is based on minimizing the use of processed foods and providing customers with all-natural options.

“They’ve created some unique salads and sandwiches that are based off of Rochester history,” Manager of Internal Communications Kate Rivera said.

Menu options are in the style of an upscale New York deli, featuring items such as the “Eastman” breakfast sandwich and the “Yellow Jacket” signature sandwich. Additionally, it will have a designated Grab & Go section, serve Starbucks coffee, and present different soups every day.

Metro Deli will be run by the Food and Nutrition Services Department at the hospital. Caldiero remarks that, as an in-house business, Metro Deli has a close connection to the city and the University, which will help secure its presence in Strong.

“We’re looking forward to a long relationship with our customers,” Caldiero said. “Metro Deli was a concept run by the University. We don’t have an outside interest.”

The Food and Nutrition Services Department also runs Café 601, which Spoon University recognized on its “Official College Dining Hall Guide” last year. Café 601 is located on the ground floor, near the red elevators.

Within the the next four months, Metro Deli will also offer catering options, as well as an app for mobile phones that will allow customers to place their orders ahead of time.

“[Metro Deli] is a new option,” Rivera said. “I encourage students to come across the street to the Medical Center and come over and give it a try.”

Other changes coming to Strong’s dining options include the expansion of Finger Lakes Coffee this summer.

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