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You can’t go back in the closet

Throughout show-Heartstopper’s skyrocketing popularity, Connor evaded questions about his sexuality. So, how did we end up here?

Media versus the age of nostalgia

The past has always been a source of inspiration, so where is the line between low quality remakes and true homages?

Not Vanilla: The dark side of our media

Hello, reader! I spent my winter break delving into new series. I started the anime “Death Note” and completed HBO’s…

Everybody Talks: There’s a lot out there

These are questions I try to answer every week. I’ve thought a lot about why I’ve become so fascinated with the crossroads of sports, feminism, and society. I’ve thought about how this is a movement not just for me, but for all of you, too.

Finding better critiques of the national media

The bigger issue here is the idea that news outlets should shy away from writing about hidden or fringe people and ideologies, even those whose views we find vile.