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Notes by Nadia: What’s wrong with being a fan?

I wish that people would just mind their business and stop acting like being a fan of an artist is “weird.”

RICE Crew dances across borders

If there’s any place to enjoy EXO’s Love Shot on repeat, Shape of You remixes, or to people-watch (K-pop edition), look no further than a RICE Crew practice.

K-pop, anime, and ignorance

It’s sad that things that are so normalized in other countries are considered weird in America – a country full of so many diverse cultures and ethnicities.

On BTS, K-pop, and toxic fan culture

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people offhandedly refer to K-pop lovers as all “fangirls” or “Koreaboos.”

Rice Crew’s idolic showcase

Rice Crew was a bit late to start presenting their annual showcase, “IDOL ROOM,” to a fairly large crowd in…