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Language is the medium of love

With the absence of language, our awareness of love would be restricted to its mere existence.

K-pop, anime, and ignorance

It’s sad that things that are so normalized in other countries are considered weird in America – a country full of so many diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Belle: messy, bloated, and disappointing

By abandoning the romance, the movie struggles to convey the story’s central message: that beauty is in the soul.

‘Sarazanmai’: beneath the surface

“Sarazanmai,”  a newly released anime, has quickly gained popularity for its exploration of human suffering, told through powerful fighting scenes…

‘Senryu Girl’: a return to simplicity

Out of the many new releases this spring anime season, “Senryu Girl” is a breath of fresh air. Based on…

Is My Hero Academia the Japanese Marvel?

Perhaps the most well-known superhero franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The influences of the American superhero culture have spread…