“I want to know what ‘I Love You’ means…” ~ “Violet Evergarden.

The anime “Violet Evergarden” follows a young girl, raised in a world of warfare, desperately seeking the meaning of love. While enjoying the show’s elegant storyline, I realized that this anime sparked my thinking. 

I have witnessed countless great poets, composers, and novelists pour their feelings into their works to express love. When I recall my own life,, I recognize it is love which supported me to come this far. It has become undoubtable to me that however much time passes, love remains the constant pursuit of humanity throughout the ages. 

“One needs a lot of courage to say the words ‘I love you.'” ~ Violet Evergarden”

Within Christian interpretation, love is a treasure granted by God to let us savor the taste of Heaven in advance. We are granted the capability to speak with the aim of expressing love. Yet, it is never easy for one to say it out loud because “I love you” is not only about a feeling. Different from “I like you” or “I admire you,” the words “I love you” consist of trust, commitment, and dedication.

Once these three words come out of one’s mouth, one has made the pledge to wholly devote themself to the loved individual. Although this responsibility may seem daunting, it also serves as a driving force. Because of the great commitment that love entails, people strive to become the best of themselves so they can fulfill their duty to protect and pursue the individuals they love. 

“These people have embedded their love in letters, haven’t they?” ~ “Violet Evergarden”

During a certain period of time, I was fervently captivated by reading love letters, written for children, wives, or lovers. I noticed that the authors of these letters had exerted all their passion, employing their most exquisite vocabulary, in order to express their love and longing for the intended recipients. The sublime plains of Iowa, the towering summit of Mount Everest, and the birds gracefully soaring amidst the forests — all these exquisite wonders of nature are inextricably linked with love. 

“Goodbye is so bitter while ‘I love you’ carries a far off scent.” ~ “Violet Evergarden”

Certainly, some people may argue that love is a tacit emotion that can be perceived even without the presence of language. I cannot agree more, but we must not undervalue the significance of love language. With the absence of language, our awareness of love would be restricted to its mere existence. The receipt of love letters or the sound of whispers from the cherished one releases an unadulterated feeling, akin to a pristine stream that flows perpetually within our hearts. When we find ourselves facing setbacks, it is these words that encourage and inspire us to stand up and move forward. No matter when we recall them, these words remain sweet, beautiful, and empowering. Such moments occur due to the very existence of love, but it is the language of love that makes it unprecedentedly powerful.

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