Obscure Sports

An interview with the Nationals-qualifying UR Quidditch team

The UR Thestrals, the University’s Quidditch team, recently participated in the US Quidditch Cup in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 23-24.

The future of classic Tetris

On Oct. 20, 17-year-old Joseph Saelee was crowned Classic Tetris World Champion for the second year running, blazing past a…

A novice’s guide to Formula 1

Do you want to watch cars designed by mad scientists scream around a track? Do you want to see cars…

Marching band is too a sport

Marching band lies in the sweet spot where love of music and physical activity overlap. Marching band, despite (un)popular belief,…

‘Jackets adapt to Rochester Wheels’ tough competition

The men’s and women’s basketball teams played a scrimmage against the Rochester Wheels, a professional wheelchair basketball team, last Wednesday. The ‘Jackets won 73–71, though they received lots of help to stay in the game.

Sports entertainment can be the future

For years, I thought World Wrestling Entertainment was a punchline. Why would people spend time watching a sporting event they know is fake?

Obscure Sports: Fighting below (or between) the belt

Belt wrestling comes in many forms throughout the world, and is even sparring for Olympic status.

Kyudo: what you get when archery takes the scenic route

I apologize for the long delay, but I can assure you it has not been spent procrastinating. Instead I have…

The eccentric trip of bossaball

Sometimes it seems that the best and oddest obscure sports actually aren't new ideas so much as conglomerations of other…