Media Matrix

Media Matrix: Why I love SoundCloud

I scroll through my SoundCloud, looking at all the unsung heroes who wrote songs I’m probably never going to hear in my life.

Daft Punk’s ‘Interstella 5555’

“Interstella 5555” is basically an anime, but with no talking, just visuals to accompany the music from “Discovery.”

Media Matrix: On vaporwave

From the golden era of vaporwave, the residue shines in a goldenrod afterglow on one YouTube channel: [PATRYK FILMS].

Media Matrix: Nightcore.

In 2017 everything died. SoundCloud is basically the worst. I mostly skip to the :45-second mark of a song and if I’m not stimulated before I hear it I go to the next song.

Media Matrix: ‘Difficult People’ is fun, dysfunctional

“Difficult People” centers on two main characters, Billy and Julie, who live in New York City and are always griping about their surroundings.

Media Matrix: Is your life over yet?

This shouldn’t even be a thing. I am not okay with this. Is this even legal? Well, I’m scarred for life.

Media Matrix: ‘Mourn’ by Corbin

I’ve always loved anime, when I’m in your arms. Let’s watch it all day. No, I’ve never watched anime.

Media Matrix: Dylan Marron faces hate

The hateful comments that Dylan receives on his videos are the inspiration behind his podcast. In “Conversations with People Who Hate Me,” Dylan has a discussion with one of his haters, in which they try to better understand each other’s perspectives.

Media Matrix: Chasing Cameron

Hi, I’m Cameron Dallas. I’m a social media influencer and the leading member of MagCon.

Media Matrix: Sassy Brad is gay

Sassy Brad makes videos for YouTube. Sassy Brad is a human. Sassy Brad makes reaction videos. Do you know what a reaction video is? I don’t.