Hi, I’m Cameron Dallas, and you’re watching my new show on Netflix, “Chasing Cameron.” I’m a social media influencer and the leading member of MagCon. MagCon is, like, basically, it’s a collective of guys who love what they do and love girls. The girls, they love us out there, and we love them more than anything, including the room service.

When I was in high school I had no friends. I was bullied and just, like, really lonely every day until I got on Instagram. Then it was like, “Whoa. This is different.”

Turns out, girls like a guy who can say “sup boi” in a loud voice while wearing a tanktop with a block color pattern.

Social media is cool because it allows you to express your true self. Like, you can be super weird but people like you anyway. One time I sprayed Cheese Whiz in my sister’s hair. Giorgio Armani loved the pants I was wearing in the video so much they gave me a Range Rover.

I like to look at the stats on YouTube and analyze them. I put so much time into looking at stats. There are bar graphs which have the countries and pie charts too with numbers. I’m an entrepreneur and a businessman, but also a Saint.

I love my mother. You know you have a cool mom when you can throw cake in her face and she thinks it’s fun. My mom, she’s like my inspiration behind everything I do. She’s super cool because she’s never said no to me, ever.

Looks are important because my fans like me for my looks. That’s why I do my hair blond and I have my stylist pick out the hottest outfits for me every day. This one is a camouflage hoodie with a flat brim baseball cap. I like to wear the hood over the cap when I get into arguments with people 20 years older than me.

Bart is my CEO. He’s a good guy but he’s also kind of a pushover. He has really big biceps though, so he never has to question himself. I love Bart because he’s 47 and wears joggers. He also wears a shirt that says “STRAIGHT OUTTA MAGCON.” Sometimes he wears this shirt when I scream at him for not doing another person’s job.

All in all, my life is wild, but it’s also not easy. For example, I have a sister and a mom, and they both live in a house. I also have hair and a Ferrari. At the end of the day though, I’m just a regular guy. I’m just like everyone else, only I scream more and have rich skin tone. I think if you work hard like me, you can achieve anything, you just have to have the right kind of nose and a good jaw line. So don’t give up on your dreams. Becoming a star is as easy as never giving up and having well-toned abs.

I’m Cameron Dallas. My show is on Netflix and it’s called “Chasing Cameron”. Come watch it with me in my new loft in Beverly Hills. I’m actually on the Forbes 500 list now. It’s crazy because now I can afford a Bugatti and my developmental trajectory is definitely not going to be affected by it.

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