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Confessions of a Sony executive

A Sony executive laments their choice to turn down the movie rights to B-list superheroes now that they have become some of the biggest cash cows in movie history.

An ode to HBO Go

HBO Go, HBO Go, my Light, my Path, my Hope. Transform boredom into bliss. Give me strength, so that with finals I may cope.

A spontaneous checklist for surviving an apocalypse

I very much wish to submit a comprehensive checklist of items of importance that I believe everyone should own in the event of a possible apocalypse.

Phone call from home

Yes? Oh hi, sweetie, you’re here! You can hear us, right?

Survivors of the presidential debate drinking game

It had seemed simple, but they’d been so wrong.

In memoriam of Margaret Tyrell

In case the title didn’t sufficiently allude to this fact, this article will contain spoilers on the hit HBO show, “Game of Thrones.”

Students experiment with new drug, REM

Spring is in the air and students are desperately turning to a new illicit substance to combat the pain of midterms.

My beautiful dark twisted idea book

I was interested to see what ideas didn’t actually make it past the drawing board, so we reached out to DONDA Headquarters (located entirely in Mr. West’s imagination), and were happy to receive this comprehensive list of game-changers, broken down into several categories.

Trump and ‘blue collar fears’

Now that Trump has been beaten in the Iowa Caucus, it is much easier for people to write him off as a reality star who played with fire.

Political ice cream for 2016

With so many strong candidates this current presidential race, it can often seem difficult to discern who among them is worthy of the toughest job on the planet.