No matter where I wander,  No matter where I roam, 

You’ll run back to me from yonder.

You’ll come back to your true home.

You are my forbidden flavor,

My indulgence without shame.

I sit waiting to savor

The moment I can shout your name.

HBO Go, HBO Go, my Light, my Path, my Hope.

Transform boredom into bliss.

Give me strength, so that with finals I may cope.

Golden shrines I would erect for you,

A thousand ships I would launch.

If only to show my love is true,

And the bleeding of my heart to staunch.

You are raindrops on roses,

You are the first glimpse of the shore.

I must get you before the door closes,

Before my free account is no more.

Shed your blue light on me

So that I may sip the nectar from your cup.

Bring color and pixilation to all I see.

With no commercial breaks, you lift me up.

Bring me “Silicon Valley,” “A Game of Thrones.”

Bring me incredible films galore.

Give me fearful characters, chilling to the bone,

All of whom I’ll not cease to adore.

If you’re too busy for my jewel,

If you’ve lost your way in class,

If your GPA is oh-so-cruel,

Throw up your hands and say, “alas!”

I pledge my love and life

To the glorious HBO.

Through labs, exams, and strife,

You’re the only beauty I’ll ever know.

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