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The latest move in the campus alcohol scene? A dry frat

Despite the sometimes nitpicky policies, it’s clear that the University isn’t trying to keep students from drinking.

UR used to serve beer on campus. What happened?

Before 1984, Yellowjacket Day — as Yellowjacket Weekendwas then only a one-day event — served alcohol, a Campus Times story from that year reported. The University gave away free beer.

This isn’t your mother’s dinner party, unless your mom is a nudist

They didn’t advertise meetings; they didn’t mass-invite people to events on Facebook. They didn’t even have a name. They were just regular students enjoying a meal together while completely naked.

How to be a normal person

Rochester students aren't always the most socially proficient. This handbook will help you learn to interact with actual human beings!

Commencement speakers at UR throughout the years

UR didn’t have anything called a “commencement address” until 1985. There were always speakers at graduation, but the type of speaker differed year to year.

Inside UR’s hulking power plant

Walking into the building, the students found themselves in a large, high-ceilinged room that looks like a garage. But instead of cars, there are four chillers parked at its far side. The chillers look like faceless Thomas the Tank Engines, with large, grey cylinders stacked on top of each other.

Reflection Among the Revelry

I asked the graduating seniors what they regret, feeling it was important to hear about the experiences of the seniors. Either they didn’t expect such a serious question, or they needed more time to process words through the drunken stupor of the Senior Week Wine Tour.

Examples of how I don’t know what I’m doing

Can I please be a dancing, Hebrew-speaking, brain-researching, religious-sex-expert please? Anyone hiring?