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A Note for Elena: I love having my words twisted

Nowhere in my article did I say men couldn’t be feminine, wear pastel colors, or dresses. But the article wasn’t about men. It was about why I loved being a woman.

Notes by Nadia: How to prioritize your mental health

As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression, I’m always trying to find ways to prioritize my mental health.

Notes by Nadia: Why are we so eager to grow up?

I don’t understand why, in America, we're all in a rush to grow up.

Notes by Nadia: I love being a woman

I feel powerful being a woman. The world may be against us, but as long as we have each other, we will always come out victorious.

Notes by Nadia: The joys of college

My most favorite part of being a college student is delaying the inevitable: becoming an actual adult.

Notes by Nadia: A bachelor’s degree is not enough

For us college students, our bachelor’s degrees may not be enough to get a substantial job after graduation.

Notes by Nadia: More accommodations, please

I’ve compiled a short list of ways that the University could become more accommodating.

Why motherhood?

Women have fought so hard to be seen as more than birthing machines. Despite this, society continues to pressure us into motherhood.

Notes by Nadia: Should artists be close with their fans?

When the love and respect is mutual between artists and their fans, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Notes by Nadia: The struggles of finding a job

To all my fellow jobless students out there, I wish you the best of luck in your job hunts.