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Student clothing company makes giving back part of its business plan

Zeyba is a new company, created by UR students, that creates eco-friendly clothing.

Fight the decline of declining

It’s that time of the semester again. Your Declining has declined to the point of no return.

As Staggs graduate, Runyans look to follow

It’s not often that you find a set of twins on the same sports team.

Rugby dips after rank

The UR Women’s Rugby team boasted an undefeated record this season, a light spot despite being routed by SUNY Cortland on Saturday in their first game of postseason play.

Decorating George Eastman

Since it was erected during 2009’s Meliora Weekend, George Eastman’s statue has donned many hats, often placed on his signature hat by students in support of various causes.

Club squash welcomes women of all stripes

With an opening match against Denison University on Nov. 5, the Women’s Club Squash team is getting ready for the upcoming season with a new roster.

Rugby can’t be ruffled

UR’s Women’s Rugby team, nicknamed the “Sledgehammers,” is not to be messed with.

Roc Rower faces gender bias in Azerbaijan

Schell couldn’t ignore the culturally-accepted habit of men staring at women.

Ben Shapiro knows how to balance work and play

A senior on the men’s tennis team, Ben Shapiro is successful both on and off the court. He’s won his last four singles and doubles matches against the likes of Nazareth, RIT, St. Lawrence, and Union College.

UR Cheer is pure competition

It’s clear that this team is ready for future nationals competitions, and deserves the UR community’s attention.