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The culture of “rotting” – and why it’s okay to rot

As long as you can pay your bills and are healthy physically and mentally, then you can do whatever makes you happy in your personal time.

Judging a book by its cover

There are so many books out there. It’s okay if not all of them are for you.

Procrastination, a skill

Procrastination is a beneficial tool if you let yourself learn how to use it.

How do you know if someone is smart?

Everyone is smart in their own way — it might not be the same as someone else or in the same way. And that is okay.

I will not be a mother

Every time I tell someone that I don’t want children, I the same response: You’ll have them when you’re older.

The ugliness of achieving perfection

Perfection is something we can’t live without and can’t live with. Perfection isn’t real, but we keep striving to reach it.