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From the blogger to the drug addict: the perils, pitfalls and practicalities of penetration

Some people you'll meet are perfect candidates for sex. Bloggers, drug addicts and enemies are not among those contenders.

Men: Struggling to perform

[caption id="attachment_18382" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo courtesy of"][/caption] If you were to ask most people who have sex why they…

Be more adventurous and indulge your fetishes

[caption id="attachment_17823" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image courtesy of"][/caption] I know a girl who had a boyfriend with a “baby” fetish,…

Don't rule out playing for both teams

Sex & the CT explores the social implications of bi-curiosity.

Blue balls in your court: dispelling a dating myth

Dispelling the myth that women hold all the control in relationships.

Kiss the right way, you nerds

Techniques on how to kiss the right way.

TA sex doesn't make the grade

[caption id="attachment_16086" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Courtesy of Hannah Bazarian"][/caption] Only a few weeks into the school year, I feel that it’s…

Dealing with intense heat in and out of the bedroom

[caption id="attachment_15818" align="alignleft" width="272" caption="Courtesy of"][/caption] For most students new to the Rochester area, it’s the harsh winter that’s…

Installing beliefs: UHS puts out dubious sex ed

Sex and the CT examines the UHS Monthly Installments.

Pop psychology bamboozles book readers

Pop psychology books, under the pretense of making the science accessible to the average person, convince them to go off treatments assigned them for good reasons. It's not the way to go.