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Seniors launch 4th Presidential bid

Seniors Erik Chiodo and Chris Horgan have the rare opportunity to lose four consecutive elections, a feat as impressive as it is impossible.

Single Room Available for Subletter

My nightly routine begins, as it always does, with an uninvited lullabye from my neighbor—the a sweet symphony of loud, thumping hip-hop music.

Forgotten presidents of the United States

This week in Fictional History 101, we learned about some of our nation’s most forgotten presidents. Here’s what we learned!

Poking fun at the news

California has banned sex for killer whales kept in captivity. In response, moviemakers are casting for the new installment of “Free Willy’s Willy.”

Poking fun at the news: Hulu, Obama, and Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady recently stated that Steph Curry’s unanimous MVP win is proof that the NBA is softer than it used to be. Yes, the NBA is too soft for a guy who’s name sounds like a Dr. Seuss character.

Poking fun at the news: Easter Bunny brawl, Yoda, and the U.S. Navy

While playing in a game, English soccer player Callum Camps was notified by the PA announcer that his car lights were on. Camps said he didn’t turn his lights off—because he couldn’t use his hands.

Slogan debunker

Hello, again! My name is Pete, and somehow I’m still the CT’s Senior Slogan Debunker. I’ve been tasked with assessing the logic behind some popular slogans, so let’s see how they hold up.

Former Humor Editors reconsidering run for SA office

Last year, the pair considered entering the race, but decided that a position in office wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone.

Poking Fun at the News: Disney movies, Cambodia, and Donald Trump

Cops arrested a suspect as he was driving around in a child’s bright pink toy car. The man is expected to be sentenced—to a very long timeout.

The Slogan Debunker

Slogans are pivotal marketing opportunities for groups, and I have been tasked with assessing the logic behind a few popular slogans.