By: Hatsune Miku

Following a recent wildfire causing irreparable damages in Indio, California, Coachella has been moved to Rochester for its 2024 season. 

While the original lineup will be preserved (barring Doja Cat, who refuses to travel to upstate New York), the Rochester-based band Fuzzrod will be added as an alternate headliner. Performances from the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra will also be featured — a peace offering to help promote the upcoming Rochester International Jazz Festival held later in the summer. 

The festival will be hosted in the soon-to-be-developed Mount Hope Parking Lot (see page 5), formerly known as the Mount Hope Cemetery, from the original dates of Friday, April 12 to Sunday, April 21. Coachella has offered to help transfer attendees’ plane tickets from Palm Springs to Rochester, donating any extra funds to remove asbestos from the nearby campus grounds. Guests are recommended to switch hotel bookings to the Hilton Garden Inn, while additional bookings can be made at the Strong Memorial Hospital Overflow Space. 

“Although I’m disappointed with the cemetery removal, I think this is what my family would’ve wanted,” said Rochester local Leanna Deleri. “It’s important to support the arts, even with a little bit of compromise.” 

Along with locals, UR students have voiced excitement about the upcoming event. “As much as I love Dandelion Day, it’ll be nice to see artists that I actually listen to.” The Student Activities Board, who usually manages these on-campus events, declined to comment. 

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