Cheers to the faculty and hospital staff who were able to get vaccinated.

Jeers to New York State telling Environmental Health & Safety and Dining Services employees they have to wait for the vaccine.


Cheers to the University raising its minimum wage to $15/hr by 2022.

Jeers to the waste of money that was the #protectthehive wristbands, which nobody checked to make sure you were wearing.


Cheers to less invasive testing with quicker results.

Jeers to students who are unable to get a test upon request without either lying or experiencing symptoms.


Cheers to the Dr. Chatbot Challenge incentivizing compliance with public health precautions, even if it shouldn’t have required a reward to get students to take a 15-second survey.

Jeers to people still wearing their masks below their nose. Seriously, dude, it’s been a year. Get a grip.


Cheers to the paid day off that the University is giving employees who received their second vaccine dose.

Jeers to the URMC email that gave some donors and board members expedited access to the vaccine.


Cheers to students who are being honest with contact tracers.

Jeers to those judging people who test positive for a potentially deadly virus, assuming they deserved it due to partying.


Cheers to not needing to enter a pause. Yet.

Jeers to the number of cases on campus.


Cheers to the Rochester airport being renamed to honor Frederick Douglass.

Jeers to the Rochester Police Department pepper-spraying a 9-year-old.

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