After social distancing for about a month now, we’ve come to the conclusion that alcohol is a pretty good way to pass the time. Here are some cocktail recipes that have helped us get through this weird part of history, courtesy of us editors at the Culture section.  

Will’s drinks 

Red Snapper

After scrounging around my house at 11 p.m. in pursuit of mixing materials, I finally found what I needed to make a damn good drink. All you need is some gin and tomato juice. I personally use V8, but any tomato juice will work. 

You may know this combination as the Bloody Mary, but substituting vodka with gin transforms it into the red snapper. I prefer the red snapper because gin mixes unbelievably well with V8. Two shots of gin mixed with a scotch-glass-worth of V8 smooths out any initial bitterness with its rich flavor, leaving behind a satisfying aftertaste.It’s simple, tastes great, and pretty healthy for you. Gin is low-calorie and contains no carbs, so it’s keto friendly. And while V8 isn’t the most nutritious mixer available, it’s a much healthier alternative to soda or grenadine syrup. 


Tequila Screwdriver

I’m a big fan of the classic screwdriver. The sweetness of orange juice goes great with the sharp vodka. But if you prefer your screwdriver with a little more kick, I recommend using tequila instead. 

With a shot or two of 100% agave tequila (you’ll get a killer hangover with cheaper variations) and a about scotch-glass-worth of orange juice, you’ll have an irresistible drink. The smoothness of good tequila mixed with the sweetness of orange juice makes this mix an easy drink to handle. Tequila may be a controversial choice, as the effects itself are seemingly more unpredictable than other alcohol, but its smoothness makes it too tasty to pass up. 


Olivia’s Drinks 

Mojito-Gin and Tonic Mashup 

I go crazy for gin. I use gin in many a mixed drink for its crisp and alluring strength, and my favorite gin drink is one that hovers somewhere between a mojito and a gin and tonic. While the gin and tonic is simply, as the title suggests, gin and tonic water, the mojito offers a more flavorful sip. By hyping up the gin and tonic and mellowing down the mojito, I like to create a drink in the middle that’s easy but still flirty and fun.

Start with some ice, then a shot or two of gin. Instead of using the freshly squeezed limes of a mojito, fill the rest of the glass with lime flavored sparkling water (I don’t happen to have limes lying around, but a flavored tonic will taste almost as zesty). Then, if you have any, drop in a sprig of mint, or a squirt of lemon juice. Stir and taste. 


King Cake Shot Drinks 

This drink is insane. If you like ridiculous but delicious dessert drinks, this one is for you. Originally intended to be shots, my roommate lengthened the recipe and made these for us last night as a belated Mardi Gras celebration. You need a variety of liquor, all of which have recognizable flavors, and a desire to party. And, honestly, you could use an elaborate party drink right now. 

First, put on your beads and dip the rim of a wine glass (or other cocktail glass) with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Then press the rim into a shallow bowl of colored sugar (try getting all sides coated in either purple, gold, or green sugar, for Mardi Gras, duh) to coat the edge. Now, mix two shots of Fireball, four shots of Bailey’s, and three shots of white cake-flavored vodka. Add a few ice cubes, a dollop of whipped cream, and a dusting of nutmeg. The result comes out looking like a colorful, adult chocolate milk. If the flavor of Fireball that emerges strongly from this drink is too much for you, try adding a splash of milk. A sweet, delicious flavor. 

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